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Item #: SCP-4950

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The section of beach containing SCP-4950 has been purchased by a Foundation front company and marked as private property. Two guards are to be posted to turn away any trespassers.

Description: SCP-4950 is a 2 m wide section of Paradise Beach in California, USA.

If a human (hereafter "subject") is alone, and enters the ocean via SCP-4950 during rain, several anomalous effects will occur.

Once the subject has waded 3-5 m into the ocean, their legs will sink into the sand and the sand will solidify, gaining a consistency similar to solid rock. After the subject is immobilized, the sand holding the subject will shift until the subject's neck is approximately level with the ocean surface.

At this point, large waves (5-8 m high) will begin to crest, and impact the subject repeatedly for a period ranging from 20 minutes to 119 hours. During this time, most subjects report auditory hallucinations consisting of indistinct human voices. Subjects with no close interpersonal relationships fail to report these hallucinations.

When the waves cease, the subject is released from the sand. Approximately 90% of subjects drift back to shore, unconscious. The remainder are not found; all attempts to track or trace their locations result in the signal apparently emanating from 200m directly above SCP-4950.

Surviving subjects are returned in a state of extreme exhaustion, but nearly always report a feeling of having been "awakened" or "cleansed".

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