Weryllium SCP-θ'

Item #: SCP-3536

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All sea traffic within 15 km of SCP-3536 is to be rerouted. Two boats are to patrol the area surrounding SCP-3536. SCP-3536-1 instances are to be delivered to the nearest Research Site for study.

Description: SCP-3536 denotes a spherical space under the surface of the Arctic ocean, 10 m in diameter. SCP-3536 is located 12 km north of Bolshevik Island, Russia.

Objects, hereafter designated SCP-3536-1, sporadically emerge from SCP-3536 and float to the surface. No pattern has yet been found to the timing of SCP-3536-1 manifestations.

SCP-3536-1 instances vary widely in composition and appearance. Approximately 70% of SCP-3536-1 instances appear to be carcasses of living organisms, in various states of preservation. As of 1/1/2018, over 350 instances have been recovered.

Instance Description
3536-1-03 A albino walrus (Odobenus rosmarus). Displays no other anomalous properties.
3536-1-11 The skinned tail of a blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus).
3536-1-41 Twelve sets of gills wrapped in a synthetic polymer package. DNA sequences match those of SCP-924.
3536-1-62 A large glass jar containing shark fins suspended in a saline gel.
3536-1-89 A 6-meter-long elasmosaur neck, skinned and wrapped in an unidentified fur.
3536-1-119 A mason jar containing an unidentified liquid. Exposure to the liquid causes strong nostalgic feelings. Chemical analysis of the liquid revealed the presence of sodium chloride, ethanol, piperine, beta-endorphin, and several dozen uncharacterized organic compounds.

To date, SCP-3536's edge can only be crossed by sentient beings. Testing with fish equipped with cameras has failed to reveal any hostile forces on the other side of the edge; thus, a preliminary exploration was approved.

Debriefing interviews with D-11424 revealed that he had become unable to remember a one-year period from his childhood, but exhibited no other lingering anomalies.

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