Weryllium SCP #2

Item #: SCP-3132

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Embedded agents in television stations are to monitor and shut down any broadcasts showing SCP-3132 events. Amnestics are to be administered to all civilians affected by SCP-3132 after the conclusion of the event.

All personnel attempting to infiltrate, record, or directly study SCP-3132 events must possess a MARS1 score of 3 or higher, and must be equipped with hearing protection.

Description: SCP-3132 is a phenomenon affecting televised spelling bee competitions in the United States.

Upon the beginning of an SCP-3132 event, contestants will begin to recite the spellings of completely different words than the ones asked. Judges will not note any abnormalities and will always consider these responses to be completely correct, allowing the competition to proceed. Any contestant who recites the original word requested will be marked incorrect, and eliminated from the competition.

When 14 or fewer contestants remain, SCP-3132 will enter Stage 2. During this stage, most parents and guardians of the contestants will tend to leave their seats and congregate behind the judges, although the parents of contestants that have been eliminated will attempt to leave the building, but will be unable to open the doors. Testing has shown that the doors will remain closed even with an arbitrarily large amount of force applied to them from either side. Remaining contestants will stand in a circle, facing inward.

When a contestant takes their turn, they will turn to face the judges. Judges will then recite a passage from a seemingly random book (see file 3132-K for a full list), and the contestant will then speak in a heavily distorted voice, using sounds that do not correspond to phonemes in any known language. Several of these phrases have turned out to be mild auditory cognitohazards; their effects have so far included immediate hair loss, temporary blindness, rapid weight gain, and uncontrollable crying I need to figure out the specific effects. Noticeably, the contestants and judges are not affected by these cognitohazards.

Judges will disqualify at least one contestant each round; however, no consistent pattern has yet been found to explain these disqualifications.

When only three contestants remain, SCP-3132 will enter Stage 3. At this stage, the judges will usually leave their seats and attempt to leave the building. The parents of the remaining contestants will then fill the vacant seats. At this stage, the contestants become unable to speak. The parents will repeatedly prompt the contestants with ordinary English words, before appearing to argue with the other parents. At this point, any contestant that leaves the stage will vanish and reappear directly outside the doors of the building.

Research regarding the conditions necessary to trigger SCP-3132 events has so far been inconclusive.

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