Weryllium TD-04

Kelmura waved her staff. The soft blue light glowed brighter than ever, illuminating the Struthiomimus. "Your bravery is unmatched. I know not what compels you to undergo this but I assure you it is unnecessary."

Ursula cut her off with a weak wave of her bandaged stump. "I don't care. It's my turn to pay you back. I've been through worse, anyway."

Without hesitation, Palsinnor gently extended her arm and began reaching through Ursula's memories. "You have not. And what my mother is about to do, cannot be undone."
Ursula coughed up blood. "Well, fuck."

Raquel and Stella sat in the cool shade of the tent. They drank water from the bowls provided, and stared blankly into the horizon for a good while.

Finally Raquel broke the silence. "I'm going to do it too."

Stella made no acknowledgement.

"I said-"

"I know what you said." The soft words strained to free themselves from broken ribs and bloody lips.

"I can't let her do this alone." Raquel sat up a little straighter. "We're a team. We're united. Hermanas. What kind of teammate would I be if I sat back in this tent while she risks her life twice?"

"And then what. Say it works. Say we all survive the ritual. Say we win this thing. Say we all save the day like a goddamn kids show. We can't go back."

"The portal is open."

"Kelmura says it's irreversible," Stella reminded her. "And the moment we go back through the hole, we'll be either shot on sight, or thrown in containment cells. There's no going back."

"Ursula didn't hesitate."

"She's delirious."

"She knows what she's doing."

"No. She really doesn't."

"What are you talking about?"

"I've known her longer than you. And I know that look on her face. It's not just courage. It's desperation. The two of us, we'll recover from this, eventually. She wouldn't."

Stella paused and took another gulp of water. "Her arm melted off. She'd never again be capable of being on this team, or any combat role for that matter. It would destroy her. She needs the team as much as we need her. It fuels her, gives her purpose."

Raquel slumped. "So she's really willing to risk destroying herself for a chance to burn her fire a little while longer."

Stella sighed. "Looks like it."

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