Weryllium SCP #24
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Item #: SCP-4849

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-4849 is a living, sapient sheet of fat, cut and designed to be worn as a protective suit.

In its inert state, SCP-4849 is shaped like a flattened human body and is 2cm thick. When contact is made with a living person's skin, SCP-4849 will activate, fusing to the subject at the point of contact before stretching and enveloping the person completely. When active, SCP-4849 allows its wearer to see and hear from any angle.

SCP-4849 can instantaneously generate mouths (with diameters ranging from 0.6 to 30 cm) anywhere on its surface. These mouths are connected to extradimensional throats at least 200 m in length, and manifest and demanifest with no trace. SCP-4849 will only manifest these mouths when the wearer is attacked; the mouths will appear just long enough to swallow incoming projectiles and weapons before closing.

While wearing SCP-4849, the subject speaks via a small mouth that appears somewhere on the face. This mouth demanifests during pauses in speech.

SCP-4849 was discovered in a Prometheus Labs subsidiary facility following investigation of their work with SCP-3839. As the facility had been sealed but never shut down, MTF Chi-6 ("Prom Dates") was deployed to enter and survey the facility.

MTF Chi-6 recovered several pieces of experimental bioprinting equipment, two anomalous machines later classified as SCP objects, and 12 TB of data. While exploring the lowest level, Chi-6 operatives encountered SCP-4849 being worn by a former PL employee. The employee engaged the MTF, who were unable to harm it with their weaponry. SCP-4849 was eventually incapacitated when one agent threw a gas grenade containing an emetic kill agent. SCP-4849 swallowed the grenade and subsequently flailed, opened sixteen mouths, and vomited a mixture of congealed fat, bullets, and blood, before collapsing to the ground and deactivating.

Upon deactivation, SCP-4849 flattened and detached from the wearer, revealing them to be a preserved, heavily desiccated corpse identified as Dr. Angelica Velazquez-Pineda. SCP-4849 was subsequently retrieved and brought to Site-234.

Addendum: An attempt to explore one of SCP-4849's mouths was approved, and SCP-4849 was attached to D-11424. A small camera drone was attached to a cable and launched at D-11424 using an improvised harpoon. As expected, SCP-4849 opened a mouth to ingest the payload, and a metal brace was quickly inserted to hold the mouth open.

Exploration Log 4849-1


Drone enters SCP-4849 mouth and activates lights. Interior of throat is lined entirely with viscous yellow fat.

Drone successfully collects a sample of this fat. D-11424 does not appear to notice.

Approximately 25m into the throat, a section appears containing significant scarring. Walls of the throat are noted to produce small amounts of an uncharacterized organic acid.

45m into the throat, small (~1cm) villi begin to line the walls. These villi undulate rhythmically, and follow the path of the drone's lights.

80m in, the villi are now over 5cm long, and attempt to take hold of the drone, which evades successfully. D-11424 scratches at his throat and attempts to cough.

The drone exits the other end of the throat after 119m, and enters a large dark space. The floor of this space is a slurry of bubbling fat and the acid seen earlier.

Several hundred throats similar to the one the drone travelled through are visible.

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