Weryllium SCP #19
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Item #: SCP-4546

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-4546 is a sentient, animate dinosaur cadaver approximately 30m in length from head to tail. SCP-4546 is in a severe state of decomposition, with an estimated 60% of its original flesh missing and leaving its skeleton visible. Remaining sections of SCP-4546's skin are pitch black, with small, smooth scales.

Comparison of SCP-4546's skeletal structure to fossil records suggests it is most closely related to the family Tyrannosauridae, though the reason for its greatly increased size is unknown.1 SCP-4546 possesses proportionally longer arms than most known theropods, and an opposable thumb on each hand, similar to that of Iguanodon, allowing it to hold tools.

Several portions of SCP-4546's body have been replaced with mechanisms composed of a predominantly iridium-platinum-beryllium alloy, including its lower jaw and throat, part of its spine, left leg, and the last 5m of its tail. Due to its durability, few samples have been taken successfully, but the metal present in SCP-4546 exhibits what resembles a sea-green patina despite being chemically unreactive. SCP-4546 also possesses segmented armor plating of this same metal, implanted directly into its skin, that covers most of its body. Most of these plates are engraved with intertwining lines in a complex pattern.

These implants are bonded seamlessly at the cellular level to what remains of SCP-4546's flesh, and transmit sensations of touch, pressure, and heat to SCP-4546 just as the rest of its body does.

SCP-4546's mandible replacement visually resembles detailed clockwork. SCP-4546 can replicate and adapt any machinery or mechanism by biting and swallowing it; SCP-4546's mandible will then be able to reconfigure itself to match the function of the consumed item. SCP-4546 has absorbed at least 119 configurations to date.

After initial interaction with SCP-████-Omega resulted in successful communication, SCP-████-Omega assisted in developing a translator device. This device was subsequently swallowed by SCP-4546, allowing it to reconfigure its throat to produce English words.

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