Weryllium Tales 3

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The sky darkened as the sun lined up behind the titanic rock frozen in the air. Ursula Nunez reloaded her oversized rifle and took aim.


The round punched a hole in the chitinous mask covering the beast's face. The cancerous tissue was already beginning to knit itself back together, but as the horrific dinosaur staggered back a step a massive, armored black tyrannosaur took advantage of the opening. Its teeth clamped down on the base of the fleshy reptile's neck, and with a whoosh the hydraulics on the sides of its skull pumped, the jaws slammed shut, and the head fell to the ground. The black beast stomped its foot and the head was no more.

Ursula gently touched her rosary, wiped her forehead, and loaded another round.

the previous Wednesday…

To: MTF Psi-2 Leader (Stella de la Cruz)
From: SCP-4041 Project Head (Dr. Máximo Mendoza)
Subject: Psi-2 Assignment

Good day, Ms. de la Cruz. I am sending this message to notify you that MTF Psi-2 ("Clever Girls") has been assigned to initial exploration of SCP-4041. Please have your team fully prepared and equipped by 0600 hours tomorrow. You will be flown in at exactly 0700 hours.

Your mission will consist of initial exploration and reconnaissance of a spatial anomaly located underground in the Yucatan peninsula. I have attached the relevant portions of its SCP documentation. In addition, your team will be accompanied by a designated Specialist; you will be briefed with her upon your arrival.

1 attachment(s).

With regards,
Dr. Máximo Mendoza


"So. We're flying all the way to Mexico to walk into a big ol' mystery portal. That we're not even sure has fucking dinosaurs." Ursula lay on the couch, cracking her thumbs.

"Yeah, basically. Also, for the love of God, stop doing that."

"What, this?" She bent her thumb at a seemingly unnatural angle, releasing a crisp, clear crack. "Ahhhhhh."

Stella clamped her hands over her ears. "Ursula, how you gonna shoot the guns if your fingers are all arthritic?"

"Come on, that's just a myth. It helps keep my fingers loose."

Raquel popped a grape in her mouth. "Don't expect me to bail you out if your fingers fall off during the mission."

"Whatever. Why do we have to go in, anyway? Can't they just send a drone or something?"

Stella rubbed her temples. "The spatial anomaly. It heavily distorts any electromagnetic radiation going through it. So no remote controls, no scans, nothing."

"Well, that's convenient."

"It is what it is. Angie, did you pack yet?"

Angie was idly playing with her Velociraptor feather necklace. "¿Perdon?"

"I said-"

"She's saying pack all your shit because you take forever to pack."

"Alright, alright! You sound just like my mom, by the way."

Ursula rolled her eyes. "I'm gonna hit the training room one more time. Raquel, Stella, either of you coming with me?"


"Mmmm… maybe next time."

"Suit yourselves." Ursula grabbed her bag and started walking out of the room.

Shortly after the official christening of the task force, Stella had spoken to the head researchers of SCP-1905. Since it was a low-priority, well-understood item, they encouraged her to file the request for her task force to use it. Surprisingly, the request was approved, the paperwork processed, and the gun was shipped to the armory, where it now waited on the Clever Girls' whim.

The bored security officer sitting behind the armory window looked up. Ursula waved to him.

"Another round? Weren't you just here Monday?"

"The girls and I got assigned to a skip, I just wanted to get some last-minute practice."

"Nice. I assume you can't tell me any details?"

Ursula cocked her head. "Well, duh. You know how it is here."

"See if they'll let you bring a souvenir."

"I'll see what I can do."

"Gracias. Anyway, you know the drill. At this point you might as well just keep it in your room, God knows you use it more than its researchers do. ID?"


"Punch in your MTF security code here ."

Ursula didn't even need to look at the keys anymore.

"All set. Rico'll meet you at the range."

"Thanks, Juan."

Ursula walked through the sterile hallways and popped her neck joints. She didn't really need the training right now, if she was being honest with herself.

Rico retrieved SCP-1905 from its storage locker and handed it to Ursula. "Playing on normal or expert today?"

She grinned. "Expert."

Rico handed her a single .577 tyrannosaur round along with her customized rifle. "That's what I thought. Have fun!"

When SCP-1905 is loaded and within 3 meters of an individual capable of firing it, an instance of SCP-1905-1 will spontaneously manifest relatively close to SCP-1905. SCP-1905 will misfire unless it is aimed directly at an instance of SCP-1905-1.

If SCP-1905 is still loaded when an instance of SCP-1905-1 is destroyed, a new instance of SCP-1905-1 will materialize in close proximity to SCP-1905.

The gun was designed to be used on its own, but Ursula found that reloading the oversized gun, one-shotting the dino, and repeating got old quickly. So she set out to find a way to increase the excitement. By strapping SCP-1905 to her back while loaded, she could effectively fight dinosaurs one on one with ordinary weapons for however long she wanted. An attachment developed by an enthusiastic researcher allowed her to remotely load or unload the Dino Hunter 6 with a button press, ending the session.

Ursula cracked her knuckles one more time, loaded her rifle, and hit the blue button to load.

A single second of anticipation as her muscles tensed.


A Gorgosaurus appeared out of thin air in the corner of the reinforced steel and concrete box.

Eww. Brown all over. Looks like a mutated coconut. You'd think the people who made this would make them more flashy.

"Ben aca, ugly."


Ursula fired. Direct hit to the carnivore's neck, but it kept advancing. A second shot, this time right in its ugly face. The dino staggered, and Ursula quickly sidestepped its charge. Two more shots to the back of the neck, and it collapsed in a heap.

Whatever kind of person decided that manufacturing a dinosaur-summoning gun was a good idea, Ursula decided she liked them. According to Angie, someone in Investigation Division had once let slip that they had found a possible lead on the manufacturer, as well as a possible instance of a Dino Hunter Model 7, but nothing ever came of that, to Ursula's eternal disappointment.

Eleven perforated piles of fiberglass and plaster later, Ursula was finally ready to call it a night. Angie and Raquel often asked her why she got so much satisfaction out of reptilian-fueled adrenaline rushes. She never told them the truth, but deep down it all stemmed from a single incident, long ago when she was just a child.

She decided to take out some of this rage on the next subject, a red and yellow streaked Concavenator. Ursula pressed the red button, disengaging the round from SCP-1905. This would be the last dinosaur tonight.

A careful shot, and a hole appeared in the theropod dinosaur's jaw.

My entire childhood, he was there.

The predator reeled and bit blindly.

I'd see him in my nightmares.

It spun its tail at Ursula, who ducked and fired another shot into the Concavenator's thigh.

Tormenting me.

Another shot and the fiberglass gave way, and the dinosaur fell to pieces.

I fucking hate you, Barney.

Ursula exited the chamber and returned SCP-1905 to Rico. Then she cleaned and disassembled her own gun, and packed it in its bag. She definitely felt much better now.

in the room, still Thursday

Stella and Raquel watched over a large pot on the small stove.

"Stella! Cover it! If the steam gets out it'll be all dry."

"Okay, okay!"

"Now turn down the heat a little."

"Where'd you learn how to do this, anyway?"

"Didn't your mom teach you how to make rice?"

"No, not really."

"Then it's settled. Next time they give us time off, we're driving down to my mom's so you can get some culture in you."

"Culture? You're the whitest Mexican I know, Raquel."

"Besides yourself? Look, do you want my mom's cooking secrets or not?"

"Fine, fine. How much longer, anyway?"

"Should be ready right about… now. Turn off the stove."

"Ooh, that looks really good. I'm gonna call Angie."

"She's probably still packing, but yeah."

Raquel moved the pot over and began serving the rice onto plates, making sure to save some for Ursula when she got back. She added the chicken strips on top (she didn't trust Stella to cook them right yet), and spread some mole on hers.

Stella walked out of the warm kitchen and into the hallway, hanging the apron on a hook on the wall. She walked over and knocked on the ajar door.


"Yeah, come in."

Stella opened the door and saw Angie sitting on top of her overstuffed suitcase, reading her laptop.

"You all packed?"

"Oh yeah, I finished that in no time. Then I found this new paper on a thyreophoran fossil in England and got a little distracted." Stella smiled, switching through the 25 or so tabs she had open. "And then that one led me to this one about stegosaur tracks in Portugal, and then-"

"Naw, don't worry, it's cool. Oh, and I made dinner, if you're hungry right now."

"Wait, you made it? You could kill a T-Rex with the abomination you created last time you tried."

"It was just pozole!"

"We were this close to getting someone to designate it as an SCP."

Stella sighed.

"Raquel helped this time."

"Oh. Well in that case, I'll be over in a minute."

"I hate you."

Angie closed her laptop and walked out the door, past Stella.

"Not as much as my stomach hated you that week."

Ursula came back, and opened the door to the dorm. She dropped her bag in the corner and walked towards the small table. Angie waved her over.

"Ursula! You won't believe it! Stella cooked and we're still somehow alive!"

"No way. You're all under some, memetic thingie or something."

"Take this plate we saved for you, and see for yourself."

"Oh, alright." Ursula sat down, and cautiously lifted a fork to her mouth.

She finished chewing, and swallowed, while the other three waited with bated breath.

Without a word, Ursula grabbed another forkful, a little more quickly this time, eliciting a relieved sigh from her teammates.

She ended up getting seconds.

"Alright, lights out. We've got a big day tomorrow."

Ursula was already half-asleep. "Yeah, yeah."

"Angie, turn that thing off. You can read it on the plane."

"Stella, you know I only need, like, three hours of sleep."

"Not falling for that one again. Go to sleep already."

"Fiiiiine. Good night."


Stella walked back to the adjoined room and climbed onto her top bunk. Raquel was already out, her arms and legs sticking out from the bottom bunk. Stella kicked off her Triceratops slippers and yawned. Deep down, she was still a little apprehensive. Dr. Mendoza had assured her that she now had all the information she needed, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she and her team were still unprepared for whatever anomaly was in that cave. Think. What would Mom say? Stella closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Sí se puede. I can do this. I'm ready. My friends are ready. The Foundation knows we can handle it. I know we can handle it. Then she finally drifted off to sleep, a faint smile on her face.

She bolted upright.


She set her alarm, and went back to sleep again.

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