Light vs Darkness (Westrin's Hub)

Westrin, you've finally made it into KaktusKontainer. You should start by porting your shit over here, so that you don't have to deal with tabs.

No, don't listen to him. Use tabs. Succumb to the darkness.

No! Tabs are confusing and janky! There is no reason to use them.

Isn't it great to only have one page to work on, except many? It won't be confusing then, right?

You know, Satan, the angel does have a point…

No! You used tabs for so long, why are you abandoning them now?

Because I'm not a nerd anymore.

Hell yeah.


Hi, how are ya. This is my hub. I'm a cool kid now.

Numbah Link What do ya call it? What kind of thingy is it?
Zero Link Light vs Darkness (Westrin's Hub) Hub
One Link Broadcast Yourself Tale
Two Link Dado's Lawyer SCP
Three Link Black Flag 001 Proposal
Four Link World of Stars and Stripes SCP
Five Link I walk a lonely road. The only one that I have ever known. SCP
Six Link Feel Sorry For Another World Long Gone And The Memes That Come With It SCP
Seven Link Epitafio SCP
Eight Link The War of the Little Ones SCP
Nine Link Patrick Star Becomes Enlightened, Spongebob Squarepants Tale
Ten Link Weekend at Bush's SCP
Eleven Link The Fallen Admiral SCP
Twelve Link Infinite Words (INACTIVE) SCP
Thirteen Link Black Flag: Rewrite 001 Proposal
Fourteen Link Maullard SCP
Fifteen Link Beeswax SCP
Sixteen Link Get Off My Property. SCP

Also here are some miscellaneous pages

Link Title Purpose
Link Image Source For attribution and stuff.
Link Future Author Page For when I am legible for an author page.
Link New Image Farm Where I host my dank ass images.

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Nobody's gonna upvote your thing. It has 0 tabs in it!

This joke is really old.

Good point.

Wait a minute. Doesn't World of Stars and Stripes have tabs in it?



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