What Goes Around...
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A quiet and darkened room flooded with military bunk beds and the slight blue paints of GOC markings and the slight shine of GOC posters on the walls showed in said darkness.

"Happy birthday you bag o' Bolts!" Private First Class Aqua shouted out.

Staff-Sergeant Bolt's squadron erupted from their bunks as he flicked the light on. A fairly worn-down wooden round table sat in the center of the aisle with a quaint birthday cake on it and a couple candles.

"Haha, who planned all this? Was it you Mike? Ya bastard." Bolt shot back to his welcoming from the Private First Class accusatorily.

Mike raised his hands with a smile on his face, shaking his head.

"No sir! It was actually the new guy. Think he's trying to get on your good side." He teased the Private.

He whistled gently and slowly raised a finger which turns to Private Zero in an accusatory fashion, laughing as he did so.

"Caught me red handed, Zero." He sighed with a short and sweet introduction.

Private Zero put his hand out with a nervous smile, hand even slightly shaking as he did so.

Tanner stepped forward and gave his hand a firm shake.

"Tell me your real name." He looked him square in the eyes with a monotone voice.

"Colt." He replied nervously.

Corporal Tick stood against his bunk, slight smile and a cross with his arms. Attempting to not be so "affectionate". Alongside him, Sergeant Fringe.

"Good to meet ya Colt." His monotone loosened with a smile in his reply.

Tanner started to introduce his squadron to the newbie, one by one rapidly.

"Two party poopers by the bunks are Corporal Tick, ace pilot. Sergeant Fringe, demo. Guy who just accused you, Private First Class Aqua. Best rifleman I've seen in a long time." He pointed in their directions, turning as he went.

"Well, it's good to meet everybody!" He tried to firm up his stance, hands in his vest as he did so.

A couple nods and "You too!" were in response.

"What do you say Tom, if you can pilot a Huey, I'm sure you can cut a cake." He remarked smugly.

The officer pointed Tom to the cake like it was an order.

"Alright, alright, if you guys insist." He scoffed and got started.

Apollo 14 was only a few days ago, but instead of being heroes in public they were in a dark, frozen cave. Conflict erupted between the GOC and Foundation in an attempt to retrieve an anomalous item. What was it? Does it even matter? Was it even worth it? Gunshots zoomed by like rays of light, radio chatter buzzed in the ears of those of both sides. The occasional warning shout to friendlies of an explosive echoed.

"You sure do die in the dark motherfuckers!" Staff-Sergeant Bolt, Tanner remarked as he reloaded a rifle, firing it into the rows of shadowy MTF operatives.

"Let 'em have it Sarge!" Private First Class Aqua, Mike exclaimed.

Shells dropped to the ground like rain, bouncing and smoking. Debris occasionally rained down from the intense fighting. Everyone had the same neon green view occasionally becoming blinded by said fighting.

"Let's push them back! Get what we came here for!" Sergeant Fringe shouted out the morale boost. It sparked a surge of fighting from the GOC side. The two sides which were once equal began to tilt into the GOC's favor.

After hours had passed, to those fighting, seemingly days. The Foundation, being late to the party and being at the entrance of said cave decided to cut their losses and start pulling back.

An ineligible static came over the radio, Tanner sat down to try and listen in. It repeated, not much more being able to be made out. A dark group of figures stepped out of one of the tunnels. Private Zero, Colt aimed down his rifle towards the one leading, quickly firing in the heat of the moment.

"Cease fire! Cease fire! Those are friendlies 10 o' clock!" He screamed into his radio, almost breaking the button with how hard he was pressing.

Before the firing stopped almost half of the squad coming out of the tunnel had been shot in some way shape or form.

Private Zero, Tom. Grew shaky as he realized what he had done. He slowly set down his rifle and sat against the rocks of the cave, staring blankly at the cave wall opposite to him.

What goes around…

A group of MTF operatives are gathered around a table, a white rabbit donned upon all of their shoulders. A brief calmness as they were sipping away at beer bottles. They rarely had days off, anomalies don't rest. The only time they do have off is when its someone else's job to deal with it. Poor suckers. Even rabbits go into hiding every once in a while.

"This is nice, eh?" Operative Lights, Bri simply said to all at the table, taking a long sip after.

A storm of laughter fell over the table and bottles shook as fists rattled the table. The laughter went on for so long that some were gasping for air and reaching a hand out in a feigned cry for help.

"What! What in the hell could I have said that caused you all to lose your minds!" Bri broke through the howling in complete confusion with a yell.

When Operative Roller, Johnny, caught his breath he nudged his close friend beside him; Operative Shield, Henry. "Eh there, can you point me to the nearest igloo, eh?" He mocked in a very poor Canadian accent.

The mocking fueled the fire of laughter everyone was experiencing, even the known hardass, Squad Leader Crow, Noah was having the time of his life. Some tears fell down from cheeks. Bri remained completely unamused, arms crossed against her chest tightly as she gave her squad a thousand yard stare.

Alcohol lubricating their tongues and numbing their minds, well- This was the best thing since sliced bread and showed no sign of stopping, to Bri's dismay.

"Awh fuckin' 'ell, you canucks are the funniest fuckers I've ever met." Henry managed to wheeze out between his fits and tears of laughter.

"What, is someone gonna make a baby seal joke next?" Bri huffed out, flipping everyone off.

"Fuck me you took my joke Bri!" Noah sighed in disappointment, unable to say the joke before she mentioned it.

"You'll get her next time boss. Next time." Johnny comforted as he patted Noah on the back.

"You guys are actually, definitively, the worst." Bri mumbles as she puts her feet up and sips on her drink.

Bri had been separated from her squad for hours in the deep freezing cold of the arctic. Her reality bending could keep her decently warm, but the environment around her was a much more difficult beast to tame. She was like a ray of light in the arctic storm as she moved along slowly but surely.

"Wish I could see more than fuckin' white…" She mumbled to herself, her compass was of no use as she had no idea what direction to go. "Just gotta keep moving…"

And that she did, the fire inside and surrounding her both physically and mentally kept her moving. Her rifle in front of her, ready in an instant for anything or anyone she stumbles upon that weren't her squad. No one else was supposed to be out here.

"God… get this wretched thing out of my ear…" Bri took her earpiece out and shoved it into her pocket. It was of no use as the only thing it was outputting, when it would, was ineligible static. Not worth the headache.

"Anything, anything, a vehicle, something. Just something to get me out of here…" She ranted to herself and looked around with even less expectations, a light, a glimmer, anything.

The occasional yawn interrupting her thought process and her eyes squinting through the storm. A bulky silhouette comes into view. Her focus comes to its fullest and her rifle scope comes straight to her eye as she moves forward delicately.

As the silhouette becomes more detailed and visible, on the back of a Kevlar vest she spotted "GOC". Shoot first, ask questions later. That was Noah's policy. If he has such heavy duty equipment, he's got to be armed. The GOC can't know who's out here. That's exactly what happened. A single three-round burst came from her rifle and two of three rounds hit right between the helmet and the vest.

The uniformed GOC member dropped like a rock, practically instantly succumbing to their wounds. Bri examined the body and attempted to identify who it was and what they were doing there. A researcher with a pistol, obviously for self-defense. Didn't intend harm on anyone. Oh god. And that's where she lied until the storm cleared, next to the corpse of an innocent man.

What goes around...

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