What We Had, What We Lost
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It was another sleepless night in Site-17.

Lilith opened her eyes, her mind torn away from ancient Mesopotamia to the twisted sheets of a bed in a Humanoid Containment Cell. She sighed, sitting up and taking a sip of water from the nightly water bottle provided to her.

She had been dreaming of him again. Of Adam.

Lilith remembered the first time she had met him. Her breath had been utterly taken away by the vision before her. His hair was black like the night and he had eyes like two pieces of ice. The loving effort and devotion the Almighty had poured into him, His most favorite creation, was reflected on every inch of his body.

He was kind. Despite how he could bend mountains to his will and move rivers with the slightest touch, despite his position as the Right Hand of God, he never treated her with anything less than the utmost respect and care. It boiled her blood to see the lies that had been whispered into myth, how he was a boorish misogynist who cared for nothing but his own vanity. Adam was nothing like that. Making love to him was something divine and primal- like making love to a thunderstorm, or to the heart of nature itself.

They were happy together in Eden, at least for a brief time. Until she ruined it.

Lilith didn't regret the actions she had taken. It was something that needed to be done. Regardless of the consequences, she thought while absentmindedly rubbing the scales on her calves.

But at times like this, when she was alone at night, all she could think about was that look of hurt upon her sweet Asem's face when Jophiel, flaming sword in hand, came to them and revealed the extent of her "crimes" against the Almighty.

Against him too.

And so she was chased off, with a flaming sword to block her every way back into Eden. That was the last time she ever saw Adam.

Did he ever think of her, she wondered? When he would watch the sun rise over the horizon, did he ever imagine the impression of her body against his, laying together the same way they had done so many times before?

Lillith scoffed. That was an idiotic question, of course he wouldn't. Why would he? He had a beautiful replacement in the form of Hawwah bat Yahweh, sculpted perfectly to fit his every desire. She gave him two children, something Lilith had never done.

His followers demonzied her for that. Made up stories of her being a seductress, a baby-murdering demon, a twisted wife of Satan. Idiots, the lot of them.

She was worshiped once. After he, when there was still wonder in the world, before He had risen above his squabbling brothers and sisters in the East and united His tribes against her, she ruled over Lemuria as its Divine Empress. Under her leadership, she had turned the decaying kingdom into an empire that rivalled even the Daeva Empire. Her devotees loved and fear her with almost equal measure.

It wasn't perfect, but Lilith was content there, being courted by empires and kings, all desperate to curry favor with the First Woman. For a time, she even forgot about Adam. Until a reminder came knocking on her door.

Even past the fog of millennia, Lilith still remembered that day perfectly. An attendant had whispered into her ear that Cain, son of Adam el Asem, had sailed to her shores to seek an audience with her.

He wasn't what she was expecting to see. An emaciated wisp of a man, dirty hair long and matted, sunken hollow eyes holding flickers of madness. Lilith remembered her heart racing when she beheld him. What sort of situation could've reduced him to such a state? Had something happened to Adam?

No, it was a skirmish between him and brother that had turned deadly that propelled him here. Cursed with an inescapable memory by Him, he begged for help from the only one he knew to have lost the favor of the Almighty. But she refused him and sent him on his way.

Not that she could've done much for lifting a curse of God.

She wanted to question him about Adam, ask if he was well, but… that was not a subject matter for an untouchable goddess to inquire about. And in a brief few centuries, news of the love of her life floated across the sea to her ears anyhow.

Xilaskar, the Yeren scribe, came to her shores seeking protection against the so-called Sky Kings of the House of Apollyon. To guarantee her safety, she brought information that she had arrogantly assumed might please the Ire of God. Adam el Asem, Xilaskar proudly proclaimed, had been lashed to the stone by his traitorous followers and locked away inside Titania's Heart for endless rotations.

"No need to thank me, my lady," the beast had said with a smile. Night Children. Scheming, filthy animals who didn't know when to accept defeat. It wasn't smiling when Lilith had its tongue ripped out.

She should've done more, Lilith thought. She should've had it impaled on spikes of beryllium bronze outside her palace. She should've raised an army of devotees five thousand strong and burned her way through the Hudaru jungles and tore Titania in two.

But even she knew that was a fool's errand. Five thousand, fifteen thousand, even twenty thousand would not be able to overwhelm the Hudaru people. Even if they had achieved that improbable feat, they would not be able to stand against the horrors within. She'd be throwing her life away.

But what value did this life hold now, Lilith wondered? Here she was, locked in a cold metal coffin until the end of her days while Adam rotted within the Heart. Better to die fighting for her love rather than the eternal stasis of the Foundation.

Lilith had nothing now. Nothing but the choices she had made a long time ago. All she could do was hope that one distant day far away from all this, they'd reunite, never to part again.

She knew it was a lie.

But it was a comforting one.

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