What We Had, What We Lost
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The clock on the wall was getting old. Whenever the second hand ticked, there was a creaking sound as the mechanics shuddered to move. It wasn't too noticeable however - in daytime, the soft and slighly more appealing hum of the LED lights overhead was enough to drown it out. But at night, it was all she had to listen to as the Site turned in for the night.

[[[http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/scp-336|Lilith]] sat on her Foundation-issued cot, in her Foundation-issued sleepclothes, in her Foundation cell as she had for so many decades. It had all become rather monotmous. The Foundation had conducted every concievable test they could already, so she was left to her own devices. She'd wake up, eat breakfast, take a walk around the Site perimeter, return for lunch, lie to the doctor about her sleeping medication, eat dinner, and then lie awake in bed until exhaustion pulled her under, only to repeat it all the next day.

Lilith glanced at the clock. 4 AM. She'd have to be up in 5 hours. Her doctor had told her that not enough sleep could kill someone. Morbidly, Lilith wondered if that was even possible for her. She had never quite been a true Child of the Sun, even before her banishment. She had survived for twelve thoussand years, what were the odds of ineffective medication being the one to kill her?

Twelve thousand years. It was hard, but in moments like this, where she was alone with nothing but her thoughts and the ticking of the clock, she could remember it all. She could remember the garden. She could remember Adam.

Adam. A specimen unlike any other.

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