Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Euclid


An edited image of PoI-56121.

Special Containment Procedures: Any documentation noting widespread cases of SCP-0000 should be falsified to attribute it to non-anomalous psychiatric disorders. The containment team at Site-34 is to be provided a selection of 10 SCP-0000 instances for research and treatment.

Further containment procedures are undergoing consideration.

Description: SCP-0000 is a memetic delusion centered around the late Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr., 38th President of the United States. Those infected by SCP-0000 believe Gerald Ford did not possess a human face, instead having a blank featureless portion of skin where his facial features and orifices would be, and that a shadowy conspiracy group within the US government and media was complicit with hiding this fact from the public.

Those infected have various theories for the obvious abnormality, such as a botched surgical operation, satanic rituals to gain political knowledge, aliens, robots, or alien robots. None of these theories were found to have any foundation in reality, and most have been easily unraveled through cursory examinations.

SCP-0000 vectos . It should be noted that infection appears to be restricted to data from the year 19491 onwards, with earlier data free of vectors.
Discovery: SCP-0000's anomalous nature was first discovered in 11/03/21, after a series of posts on the Parawatch forums by user canis-mesomals (see Parawatch user dossier for background information) drew Foundation attention for their highly reptitve, unusual posting style.

canis-mesomelas Month/Day/Year (Day) Hour:Minute:Second #8digitnumber

Okay guys, time to stop discussing the bullshit bigfoot stories and actually talk about what the POLITICAL elite don't want us talking about. Gerald Ford, most famous for pardoning Watergate guy President Nixon. Such a move was almost guranteed to land him in hot water with democrats at the time. Why bother? As a distraction.

If you take a look at all the evidence, it's clear Ford had no face, and the elites conspired to cover it up.


username Month/Day/Year (Day) Hour:Minute:Second #8digitnumber

what kind of drugs have you been taking and where can I get some? You can clearly tell those are bullshit.

username Month/Day/Year (Day) Hour:Minute:Second #8digitnumber


ScepticalPingu Month/Day/Year (Day) Hour:Minute:Second #8digitnumber

Wasn't funny the first time canis, wasn't funny the sixth time either. Either shape up or get a perma ban.


Classification of SCP-0000 took place three months later, after a psychiatric facility in Portland, Oregon noticed several cases of the same delusion with their patients, several of whome could be traced back to parawatch users.

Addendum 0000.1:

Proposal: Exhume Ford's body for any physical anomalies that could have caused SCP-0000.

Status: Rejected due to high possibility of visibility and refusal of cooperation from Unusual Incidents Unit.3

Proposal: Development of an innoculation meme to enforce perception of Ford as non-anomalous, using techniques reverse-engineered from SCP-4270.

Status: Approved. Deployment estimated to take place in 2017.

Addendum 0000

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