White Div Skull
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Item #: SCP-139

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-139 upon discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-139 is contained in a modified humanoid containment chamber, suspended from the ceiling of the chamber so as to be at least two meters away from any surface. One guard is to be posted outside its door at all times, with rotation occurring every ten days. Guards must be cleared by a Foundation psychologist before returning to SCP-139 containment duty.

Once every six days, one goat is to be delivered to the containment chamber, escorted by D-Class Personnel. Subsequent cleaning of the chamber is restricted to a three-day period starting the day after delivery at SCP-139's maximum satiation, minimizing the risk to cleaning personnel.

Description: SCP-139 is a poorly preserved hominid skull, missing the lower mandible. SCP-139 resembles a typical Homo sapiens specimen, but with smaller eye sockets and a larger, tertiary eye socket atop its cranium. Due to its present condition, SCP-139 has not been definitively matched to any anomalous or non anomalous hominid species on Foundation record.

Animals within SCP-139's presence for an extended amount of time1 will permanently become feral in demeanor. Specimens will attack Foundation personnel or other members of their own species, even in cases where they would not normally do so. In extreme cases, herbivores will shun plant matter and consume only meat.2

Humans affected by SCP-139 will regress mentally, acting similarly to non-human primates such as chimpanzees or baboons. While not immediately aggressive given a demonstration of dominance by Foundation personnel, affected humans are incapable of higher-level thought. Amnestic treatment has proven ineffective at reversing changes.

Addendum 139.1: Discovery


Tash, circa 1897.

SCP-139 was first encountered in southern Iran in 1903 by Jonathan Tash, a British explorer and archeologist.3 Tash had been hired by Mount Morgan Gold Mining Company Director William Knox D'Arcy, as part of his oil-finding expedition that would eventually result in the creation of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC).

While D'Arcy was focused on finding oil wells, Tash saw it as an opportunity for archaeological exploration, having been convinced that there were many anomalous artifacts hidden somewhere in the Iranian deserts. Tash believed that a large portion of Iranians were descendants of a previously undiscovered race of humanoids, a belief for which he was ridiculed by his colleagues. Tash sought to find proof of his theory to return with it to Britain.

Excerpt from Tash's Journal:

While D'Arcy and his hired buffoon have been digging holes in the desert, I have been conducting my research, which I foolishly worried would be as fruitless as theirs. I have failed to find any trace of the legendary beings that the esteemed Blackwood had informed me of, but I did find a curious little oddity in one of the many villages that dotted the mountains.

In a place my translator called Jamshid, they had a skull hanging off the cliffside, locked in a cage. There was a system of ropes and pulleys, the purpose of which was apparently to lower various meats to the skull as some sort of offering. As any decent Christian man would, I grew outraged at this idolatry and demanded an explanation from the village elder.

The elder explained to me that it was the skull of a great demon that had terrorized the region many years ago. It still carried the spirit of the beast, and his ancestors stretching back over generations had been charged with overseeing its imprisonment. A noble duty, I thought to myself. However, I could not leave an artifact in the hands of primitives like themselves, so I arranged for the Shah's soldiers to seize the skull by any means necessary, as I plan on leaving this ungodly country soon. I feel little will be accomplished on this expedition, and this discovery appears to be a natural end…

Approximately four days after his journal entry, Tash vanished along with SCP-139. The authorities investigating the disappearance were unable to locate him, but did discover the remains of two of his staff at his residence. The staff appeared to have perished from repeated blunt force trauma, with many of the wounds appearing to have been inflicted post-mortem.

SCP-139 remained undiscovered for almost four decades, later resurfacing in Georgia in 1939. Intelligence gathered led the Foundation believe it had been recovered by operatives of the Abnormal Occurrences Commission.4 Due to ongoing diplomatic complications resulting from World War II, the anomaly was unable to be recovered at the time. SCP-139 was recovered, along with numerous other anomalous artifacts, during a post-war raid on a former GRU-P facility in the spring of 1979. It was at this time it was formally cataloged as an anomalous object, and provisional containment procedures were devised.

Addendum 139.2: Testing Procedures

For ease of testing, four subjects of varying species5 were placed in chambers surrounding SCP-139, and observed for behavioral changes over the course of a month. At the end of the month, one unaffected specimen of the same species would be introduced to the subject. These procedures invariably ended in violent outcomes, with SCP-139-affected animals perceiving those unaffected as threats, even when belonging to the same species.

At the conclusion of the first round of testing, the decision was made to introduce all SCP-139-affected subjects to each other. Contrary to previous aggressive behaviors displayed, the interactions were mostly peaceful. Subjects were wary of each other at first, but appeared to grow more used to one another over time, forming an internal structure similar to those of pack animals.

Subjects are currently being held at Anomalous Fauna Zone-23 for further study.


Casualties: 24

Fatalities: 13

Summary: On 1991/12/03, 11 members of GOI-001-Black entered Site-34 using fake identities that had been assigned level-5 clearance.6 The group proceeded to steal several anomalies, killing witnesses in a slow and methodical manner. Before they could leave the site, the alarm was pulled and a firefight ensued between the insurgents and site security. Three insurgents were killed (with one swallowing a cyanide pill before being detained), but the rest escaped. Tracking and recovery of stolen anomalies has been declared a Level-4 priority.

Stolen or destroyed anomalies: SCP-048; destroyed, SCP-139; stolen, Unregistered Anomaly-B653L (Staff of Hermes); stolen, Unregistered Anomaly-D634E (Viking Hammer); destroyed, twelve instances of SCP-4204; stolen.

Addendum 139.3: Area of Interest-139



D-2343 was injected with a tracking chip, equipped with SCP-139 (stored in a padded and locked bag with a separate tracking device), and a simple box containing strips of raw meat and dropped off at the recovered location of SCP-139. A helicopter and rotating staff were placed standby at Site-72 in the event D-2343 began to approach any human settlements.

D-2343 progressed north for 2 weeks, occasionally meandering west or east for short periods of time before progressing onward. He then started travelling east, sticking to the Siberian Plateau. D-2343 circled a large area for approximately three days before ceasing movement and life signs.

The tracking chip located him on a small island near the northern shores of Lake Baikal, designated as Area of Interest-139. A stone pillar roughly 40 meters tall dominates much of the available space on the island. Due to the impracticability of a sea or sky landing, amphibious drone Heqet.aic was deployed to investigate.

Heqet.aic Exploration Log:

Heqet.aic is downloaded onto a amphibious drone and deployed, making its way to AOI-139.

Heqet.aic reaches the shore, switching to terrestrial form as it scuttles onto the shore and approaches a skeleton spread out on the beach.

Heqet.aic: I've located a human skeleton. 99% confirmation. Unless he experienced severe temporal anomalies, I do not believe this is D-2343.

Command: How long has it been there?

Heqet.aic: Unknown. All flesh has decomposed entirely. I am unable to provide a meaningful answer beyond this observation.

Command: Copy that.

Following D-2343's tracking signal, Heqet.aic travels north into the forestry.

Heqet.aic: I'm observing multiple snapped branches off of these trees, consistent with something large forcing its way through the vegetation. There are no animals native to this are that are large enough to do, and I am not equipped for combat.

Command: Acknowledged. Continue the exploration, please.

Heqet.aic follows the signal into a clearing. Multiple fallen trees ring the clearing, showing signs of heavy fire damage. A burnt corpse is visible within the center.

A large, tree-like creature with two legs and multiple barrels protruding from a spherical torso estimated at 18 meters high stands at the western side of the clearing. The creature turns to face Heqet.aic with its central eye.8

Heqet.aic: I believe I have found the entity responsible for D-2343's death. Requesting orders.

Command: …Try moving past it. Be prepared to retreat should it become hostile.

Heqet.aic takes a few experimental steps. The entity does not respond. Moving closer to the entity, it scans the exterior for later analysis and proceeds onward, stopping at a corpse located a short distance away.

Heqet.aic: I believe this is D-2343, as it still possesses his tracking chip. I am not able to ascertain a definite cause of death. The entity encountered earlier appears to have a great deal of strength.

Heqet.aic retrieves the tracking chip using its scalpel mechanism.

Command: Have you located 139?

Heqet.aic: The container and tracker is here, but the anomaly appears to have been removed. Perhaps the entity destroyed it.

Command: Doubt it. Despite its condition, we can't put a scratch in that thing. Search the rest of the island.

Heqet.aic: Understood.


Noticing a tunnel hidden by tree roots, Heqet.aic enters it, emerging into a tunnel that slopes downwards steeply.

After some time, Heqet.aic exits into a cavern. Most of the room is taken up by the stone pillar, which appears to extend further underground. SCP-139 can be seen located face down next to the pillar, in a hole a few inches deep. It grabs the skull and secures it for transport.

Heqet.aic: Located SCP-139. I've also encountered some inscriptions on the underground portion of the pillar. Sending high definition captures.

Command: Thank you, stand by for translation…huh. This appears to be in Daevic. Hardly surprising, considering the area. Hey, can someone go fetch Irkwright? Tell him-sorry? What? I thought you said it was- oh.

Heqet.aic: Is there an issue with the translation?

Command: It appears to be the same message, repeated twice over. Once in Daevic, once in Proto-Uralic. What the hell's Daevic and Sarkic writing doing in the same place?

Heqet.aic: My historical memory banks inform me that both groups occupied the same area in different eras. Perhaps this location continued to be of interest to Sarkics after the slave rebellion?

Command: Maybe. Stand by.

Command: Quality of the etching's not great. As far as we can tell, this was a prison- no, that's present tense. It's a prison….for something the Daevites considered powerful. Or evil? Too damaged to tell. Here's a word signifying royalty, but that's combined with a male pronoun? They're a matriarchal society, that wouldn't make sense. There's also something about dividing evil and sending its…"mind to the edges of the empire."

Heqet.aic: One carving appears to have been made a significant amount of time after the first.

Command: That would be the Uralic. So someone after the rebellion came here, most likely to ensure whatever was imprisoned here stayed that way. But why? There's no love lost between them, I can't imagine them cooperating.

Heqet.aic: Perhaps if they- Apologies, I'm picking up an unknown auditory stimulus appearing to originate from below the stone pillar. Sending a duplication to you now.

The audio sample is sent.

Command: …Heqet, please return to base with SCP-139 immediately.

Heqet.aic: Understood.

Addendum 139.4: The auditory stimulus has been duplicated by Heqet.aic and included here.

No further exploration of AOI-139 is planned.


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