White Div Skull

input: Cross-analyzation of database, then upload the results for RAISA review.

Error. Please input specifications.

Right. input: Keter Class, level 4 and below in American sites. Grammatical error check.

Thank you. Scanning for iregularities now… Five out of six errors appear to be required for containment of entities or phenomenon.

What? Access the sixth file.

Error. Please use standarized input format.

input: Access sixth file with grammatical errors.


Item #: SCP-139

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-139 is to be kept in a room at least six meters at its smallest dimension, suspended at least two meters from the nearest inside surface of the room. No one is to enter this room under any circumstance.

Description: The object appears on the surface to be the poorly preserved skull of a hominid that is missing the lower mandible. Extreme wear is present around the eye sockets and


query: when was the file last updated?

SCP-139's containment file was last updated June 25th, 1993.

Jesus christ.


On 20/07/2008, a file for

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