Who Goes There?
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Encounter #41.

Item Number: SCP-4050

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: Organisms approaching Research Base Brimley are to be terminated at the discretion of Officer Wilder. D-188 has been tasked with inspecting the remains of such organisms for signs of SCP-4050 habitation under remote supervision. Untainted meat is to be brought on-site to supplement reserve provisions. Infected organisms will be left to freeze.

Should D-188 become compromised, their task will fall to Junior Researcher Wimbledon.

SCP+006 has been redesignated Thaumiel. Personnel are to disregard its former containment procedures and care plan. It is to be used as a source of fresh water until it expires.

Description: SCP-4050 is the designation for a pervasive demonic force that is present throughout 99% of the Earth's biosphere. It is transmissible through direct contact with organic matter. SCP-4050 is capable of assuming its hosts' consciousness and behavior, allowing it to blend into its environment. The ease with which it assimilates organisms coupled with its ability to remain undetected has allowed SCP-4050 to spread unchecked. It is unknown when or where SCP-4050 first manifested.

SCP-4050 is averse to extremes in temperature, regardless of its host organism. It is solely for this reason that we have survived this long.

Addendum: Encounters

Encounter Description Status Notes

One adult human, team of eight sled dogs.

Unknown Event occured within the first week of the site's lockdown. Director Belvins forbade interaction at this time.

One adult penguin.

Uninfected D-188 and D-099 were dispatched to investigate the organism. Electroshock weapons were provided in order to confirm SCP-4050 habitation. As there was no response, the body was then brought on-site and prepared for consumption.

Five adult humans. Four male, one female.

Infected Director Belvins, in breach of protocol, exited the base upon recognizing one among their number as a member of an American Antarctic research group. Director Belvins interacted with them, and was then seen to accept a food ration from the group. All six were terminated.

Seven adult humans, four adult dogs.

Uninfected Event occurred one day following previous encounter. The party was ambushed and terminated via gunfire. The humans were left in the snow; the dogs were brought on site and prepared for consumption.

Eight adult humans. Five female, three male.

Infected Instances wore winterized Mobile Task Force gear identifying them as operatives of MTF-Alpha-5 ("Honor Guard"); they were outfitted with gear and weaponry sufficient to enable forcible incursion into the site. They were engaged along the site's perimeter.

Several casualties were sustained in the ensuing firefight; these personnel were then brought indoors for consumption.

This is my shortest (non-j) SCP yet, at about 430 words. Fun times.


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