Why does it matter?
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Item #: SCP-XXXX (But can you really name it?)

Object Class: Does it truly matter?

Special Containment Procedures: Why even bother with these? SCP-XXXX is everywhere. It cannot be contained. But maybe it's a myth and does not exist. Maybe you control SCP-XXXX. Maybe SCP-XXXX is all your fault. Or maybe SCP-XXXX can be contained and we're all just worthless for thinking it can't be.

Description: A good description of SCP-XXXX can't really be given. SCP-XXXX is always with us. Even if we think it isn't. We think "hey, SCP-XXXX is gone, I'm better now!" But are we really? SCP-XXXX causes us to do irrational things. SCP-XXXX won't let you do what is right. SCP-XXXX causes us to lose ourselves. Or does it? Wouldn't losing yourselves mean we were there in the first place? SCP-XXXX can be brought on in many ways. It isn't a simple one to describe.

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