WWS Internal Critter Document

Basic Critter Information

Name: Walter

Species: Gorilla gorilla gorilla (Western Lowland Gorilla)

Housed: Terrestrial Center, Intensive Care Enclosure 1

Primary Caretaker(s): Faeowynn Wilson

Primary Veterinarian: Dylan Everett, Large Animal Internal Medicine

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Vet Record

Walter is easily the most physically unusual and deformed of my patients. Most notably, his arms end in cymbals. I'm not sure how on Earth this is possible, but the cymbals appear to be organically growing out of his radius and ulna where a scaphoid should be. His insides are a mess, there's some sort of machine inside of him that I'm afraid to even touch for fear of hurting him. His clothes are also somehow stitched loosely to his body, and anything underneath is furless and soft. I think getting this ridiculous outfit off of him would cause more harm than good for this reason.

Unfortunately, all of the above are beyond my fixing capabilities.

Unusualities aside, Walter is severely underweight, weighing only 250lbs (as opposed to a healthy 340!) and most of his teeth have cavities and fractures. We need to get some meat on Walter and get him on the track to being a trusting and open fellow. I'm going to include a list of appropriate, and hopefully affordable, foods which will get him on the fast track to gaining some weight.

  • Bamboo Shoots
  • Papaya
  • Mango
  • Celery
  • Mealworm grubs
  • Bananas

As for a primary caretaker, I heavily suggest one of our Senior Volunteers take him on. Alex, Dominic, and Albert come to mind, but Fae mentioned an interest in Walter.

- Dr. Everett

Caretaker Observations

I don't understand why dad isn't angrier about Walter. This poor critter's been turned into some sort of Frankenstein's monster. Watching Walter walk around with those cymbals and his downtrodden expression is downright depressing. I was only able to meet him for a few minutes today, but his eyes spoke to me.

Tomorrow begins a new adventure featuring me and you, buddy.

-Fae, 4/4/08

He let me get close to him today. I pet his head and he seemed so afraid I thought he might just pee himself. You know, that's got me thinking. I've not once seen Walter produce waste since I've been working with him, and I've been with him pretty much daily for a while now. Maybe that's another unusuality of his.

I think what bothers me most about Walter is how he'll just sit there and take whatever you do to him, whimpering the whole time. I can't help but wonder what kind of existence he had lead before dad found him.

-Fae, 4/29/08

Walter finally accepted food from me! I've been trying to get him to accept food from my hand ever since he first got here, and he finally took up my offer. It was unusual to say the least, he used one cymbal to scoop the apple slices off my hand and the other as a sort of dish. Of course, he didn't eat in front of me and ran off to a corner, but that doesn't matter. I'm finally making some headway with Walter and I'm gushing with joy and pride at him.

-Fae, 5/19/08

Today marks the first time Walter ever approached me. I've always been the first to initiate contact when we spend time together, but he approached me instead today. I gave him some pets and made sure he felt the love before he decided that was enough and bolted to his usual corner. This is incredible progress, and I'm so happy he's starting to recover. I'm going to try introducing him to dad and seeing how he handles two people at once.

-Fae, 5/31/08

I held Walter today, finally got a good chance to see how his outfit works. From what I gather, it's a replacement for his fur and he seems to be able to feel when I grab at it. It gives me the heebie-jeebies to think of how that's possible. Anyway, as I was experimenting on his 'fur' I found a pocket, which had a note from one 'Dr. Wondertainment' in it talking about how Walter is some sort of toy?

I was going to show it to Albert and see what he thought of it, but Walter started getting all riled up when I tried putting the note away. I've never seen him like that before, it was almost disturbing. I ended up putting the note back in his pocket, as it was pretty obvious Walter wasn't ready to part with it for some reason.

-Fae, 6/30/08

Circumstances of Recovery


I found Walter wandering in the woods while on a hike. -Tim

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