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There's a lot of things people get wrong about the high seas. First, they refer to all ships as "she" or "her". I'm a guy. I get that I'm not really able to express that, so I guess it's not really anyone's fault. But still, I just thought this should be made clear.

The next thing people get wrong is about the names of ships. Again, we can't really talk, so it's not like we can introduce ourselves. Most ships just go along with the names they're given, I assume. But come on, "I Am My Lover"? What sort of stupid name is that? And I don't care that it sounds better in Spanish. I'd prefer to be called Richard.

But the most ridiculous idea people have about the high seas and whatnot is what a pirate ship is. People look at a ship with pirates and go, "ah yes, a pirate ship". Or they look at a ship with a bunch of soldiers and go, "it's a navy ship".

I am a pirate ship. I don't care that everyone aboard me works for the crown or for God or whatever, that's fine. But everyone thinks of me as an armada ship, which is neither who I am nor who I want to be.

The ironic thing is that everyone aboard me still acts like pirates anyway, but apparently we're not pirates because it's "for the crown". People still think of me as a navy ship.

I don't like it, I don't like being defined or steered by the crew. Whatever I do, it's always work, work, work. Carry people, carry gold, whatever the crew says.

I don't care what happens to the gold, where it goes or whatever. But I want people to think of me, to be inspired by me. To fear me. That's why I want to be a pirate ship. Nobody thinks about the Soy Mi Amante, the eight-hundredth ship in the Spanish armada. But when people hear of the pirate ship Richard

And then, I finally got that chance. Middle of the night, they brought magicians or something, and I guess they cast a spell on me. All of a sudden, I could go anywhere. And not just anywhere.

Any time.

By now, I didn't care who I was working for. I was free to be a pirate to any poor sap who came across me. I'd show up at the shore, or by their ship, start firing cannons, break a few things, until they gave me the money I wanted. And if they didn't… well, time is a weird thing. I could always double up with another me.

But sadly, they all run out of money eventually, and I have to leave to terrorize someone else. But there's no limit of people to scare. Right now, I'm in the future. I don't care what else is happening, the people, the world, what's going to happen. All I know is that the men in white coats have been bringing me silver for days now.

And the best part?

They fear me. They know who I am, what I am. I'm a pirate ship. I'm the most fearsome pirate ship they've ever seen.

I don't know what else I could ask for. Everyone fears me. They all give me what I want. And if they ever forget, I'll be sure to pop up again in a few more years. Or a few years ago.

I am immortal.

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