WL maritime contest 2020
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Listen not to the voice from the sea it will surely lead you astray,
For if you follow the voice of the deep it will bring you dismay,
Alas she promises gold and women beyond your wildest dreams,
But nay the voice of the ocean will only bring you screams!

Many a sailor have fallen prey to its lies,
You must be wary lest you meet your demise,
So listen to me my young friend,
On the waters you can never depend.

Listen not to the woman in the water,
She can really be quite a bother,
Not one who does comes back,
For killing she has quite a knack.

Though some have returned with gold,
Most never live to grow old,
So listen to me my young friend,
On pirates you can never depend.

A word of warning to you my friend,
Those thieves will toss you off the deep end,
And that is why on the ocean,
You surely cannot depend.

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