Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Relocation of SCP-XXXX to Foundation Site 56 was completed on December 8th, 2008.

Minimal containment precautions are needed as SCP-XXXX displays no compulsive effects prior to entering. Thus, containment within Site 56's Safe Class Large Object Hangar is considered suitable.

The door to SCP-XXXX has been outfitted with a A-Class Digital Lock and can only be opened with a Clearance Level 3 Keycard.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a residential building once located on Młyńska within the Austrian city of Kobylnica. Within the building is a series of objects placed within each room of the house. Beginning with the entrance door's doorknob, each object is connected in some manner via various string-like items (ie. yarn, thread, sinew.) Upon entering the building, exiting is not possible without use of force via tether.

After crossing the threshold, the subject will be compelled to follow the series of objects to their conclusion. This is not exclusive to sentient beings. Items, regardless of mobility, will move to attach themselves to the string-like object near the entrance and begin to propel themselves from object to object.

Human subjects, however, will be forced to hold the string-like object regardless of their own intention.

It is through this that SCP-XXXX displays its primary anomalous property. Upon following the connected objects to their conclusion, all subjects begin to lose "components" of themselves. For instance, once reaching the first object, the human subject may lose their "solid" property and collapse in to a liquid.1 Additionally, the subject will also leave this property behind where they have lost it. This can manifest itself in various ways and does not seem to have a consistent logic. [See Testing Log]

Immediately following the subject reaching the final object, all lost "components" of the subject propel themselves in reverse towards the entrance. A box of varying size2 and design will manifest on the step just outside the entrance door. If the door is closed when this occurs, it will open prior to the "properties" reaching their destination. Finally, the "components" will fall within the box and the door will close.

Occasionally, these boxes will display some manner of text on the exterior. However, no logical correlation has been found.

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