Words of encouragement

<Cerastes> i mean technically, about two hours or so.
11:03 PM <Cerastes> but that was a joke SCP, so…
11:03 PM <CalibriBold> The rest of the month was spent trying to get green lights.
11:04 PM <Cerastes> idk if that counts
11:04 PM <Navimaster> I started this draft on Nov 3.
11:04 PM <CalibriBold> Cerastes: Which one?
11:04 PM <Cerastes> scp-1322-j
11:04 PM <%Secretary_Helen> Cerastes: SCP-1322-J: A Whole New World (Rating: +403. Written 310 days ago By: Cerastes) - http://scp-wiki.net/scp-1322-j
11:04 PM <RockTeethMothEyes> Navimaster: About three weeks, I think
11:04 PM <Cerastes> almost won the cliche contest, too
11:04 PM <Navimaster> 403 rating. Not bad for a first scp.
11:04 PM <Cerastes> then about two weeks in i got utterly destroyed by 4205
11:04 PM <riyangendut> nicr
11:04 PM <RockTeethMothEyes> Maybe less.
11:04 PM <CalibriBold> Cerastes: Dang, and I was proud my first thing broke a hundred.
11:04 PM <riyangendut> "not bad"
11:05 PM <riyangendut> that's incredible for first scp
11:05 PM <RockTeethMothEyes> I'm guessing because there was three/four weeks between me joining and posting.
11:05 PM <Navimaster> I wouldn't know. Haven't been around that long.
11:05 PM <Cerastes> I was very lucky
11:05 PM <riyangendut> c'mon now
11:05 PM <Navimaster> Also, it probably didn't get to 403 immediately.
11:06 PM <riyangendut> someone doesn't get +400 by luck
11:06 PM <Navimaster> Agreed.
11:06 PM <CalibriBold> Agreed.
11:06 PM <Cerastes> Alright then, i got it because im naturally better than all of you losers
11:06 PM <riyangendut> lol
11:06 PM <Navimaster> Hail the king.
11:06 PM <Navimaster> Cerastes!
11:07 PM <Cerastes> bow before me, peasants
11:07 PM — riyangendut bows
11:07 PM — Navimaster bows, the Lion King theme plays in the background.
11:07 PM — XilasCrowe eats those who bow
11:08 PM — CalibriBold just sort of nods his head a little.
11:08 PM <Cerastes> alright, i should stop before my narcissism grows out of control
11:08 PM — Cerastes throws away crown
11:09 PM <CalibriBold> Cerastes: Dang it, you could have had the largest ego here!

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