Would You Like A Receipt?
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Item #: SCP-4559

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: No extensive procedures are currently necessary. However, studies into the science of receiving receipts by other scientific institutions are to be heavily monitored, and all information regarding SCP-4559's anomaly is to be removed under the guise of it being incorrect information.

Description: SCP-4559 is a probabilistic anomaly associated with the act of wishing to receive the receipt after a transaction within a grocery store. In cases where there are either rules that state that the customer always receives the receipt, or in the event that the customer is given the receipt without their prior approval, SCP-4559 will not trigger.

If none of those events occur, if a person is asked by the clerk if they wish to receive a receipt, the choice on whether or not the subject accepts the receipt or denies it is entirely random, and has been determined to be 50% for both outcomes. The subject's mental state, sex, gender, or wealth will not matter, and the event will always be a 50%/50% chance.

It has been determined that SCP-4559 is the only truly "random" thing in universe known to the Foundation. For example, quantum mechanics, weather, ocean currents, all pseudorandom number generators, or an event as simple as a coin flip can be predicted in some way, but SCP-4559 cannot be predicted.

Addendum: After a meeting with the O5 Council, SCP-4559 has been reclassified as Thaumiel for its use in all Foundation projects that require a random number generator. The Hensworth/Alice Number Generator uses security camera footage from nearly 20,000 grocery stores within the US, which analyzes footage from the checkout aisles, and uses the information generated from SCP-4559 to create a truly random number. Currently, the Hensworth/Alice Number Generator is being used in the containment of 78 Safe-class anomalies, 21 Euclic-class anomalies, 5 Keter-class anomalies, and a single Thaumiel-class anomaly.

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