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Please take a moment to read this, it's very important!

Hey folks!

First and foremost, I'd like to let you all know that the Supervisors have extended congratulations to us here at the Center. It looks like we're doing a bang-up job and our combined efforts are proving fruitful!


However, it looks like the rate at which unusualities are appearing in Oregon is only going up. Apparently, the whole dang state is some sort of 'Nexus', meaning there's more than one Portland and we're some sort of magnet for weird stuff. Though I think that's pretty neat, it means we can't afford to slack on the job!

As much as we love our Critter Profiles, we need a faster way to document the ever increasing number of little beasties under our care. This doesn't mean we don't want you writing them anymore, by all means; if you form a special bond with a critter we'd love to read all about it and share it with the WWS family. This is just meant to make it easier for us to know where everyone is, what weird (but still lovable!) thing/s they can do, and any relevant notes.

Please check the next page of this fax for information on how to write these quick notes.

How To Write Critter Capture Cards

Fae came up with the name of 'Critter Capture Cards' for this nifty little system. Ain't it cute?

Anyway, here's how it looks.

Critter Name/Species:
Current Location:

Pretty neat, right? Everything one would need to know about a critter all in one easy to digest package. Even though it's pretty self-explanatory, it does no harm to explain.

Critter Name/Species- Everyone needs a name! Make sure you're giving a critter a unique name as to avoid any confusion. We'd prefer it if you seperated their name and species with a slash as such:

Maya/East Siberian Bear

Current Location- Where is the critter? We've got three centers here at Wilson's; the Terrestrial Center (our biggest location capable of housing most any critter), the Avian Center (a home specializing in care for our sky-bound friends), and the Marine Center (our seaside retreat for our seaside chums).

Disposition- We ask that you use the following system when it comes to labeling a critter's attitude towards us caretakers.
Friendly Skittish Reserved Defensive Mean

Make sure you pick the most fitting category based on your experience with the critter. It's real important to note this so a caretaker who's not familiar with the beastie will be able to respond accordingly.

Unusuality- As you've probably seen, we've got a lot of weird and wild critters here at Wilson's. Knowing what unusualities they're able to do is a great help in making accommodations and taking proper care of them. It's important to note that if an unusuality is something that is potentially dangerous like ol' Ringo it's probably in our best interest to call the Supervisors in to handle 'em.

All critters are welcome here at Wilson's, but unfortunately, we can't house all of them.

Notes- You don't always have to fill this section out, or even include it, but if there's something else that needs to be said about a critter, make sure to put it here!

Critter Capture Cards List

Please make sure a copy of any new Critter Capture Card is faxed (or handed!) to Audrey at the Terrestrial Center. Contact your Center's Lead Keeper for the fax number. Thanks!

- Tim

Critter Name/Species: Zyn/Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing Butterfly
Current Location: Terrestrial Center (Greenhouse 1)
Disposition: Friendly
Oddity: When Zyn lands on something with incorrect spelling, the letters will rearrange to be corrected.
Notes: Zyn was first seen landing on a 'Garage Sale' sign misspelled as 'Garaeg Sale.'

Critter Name/Species: Gulliver/Not A Seagull
Current Location: Avian Center (Aviary Dome 2)
Disposition: Skittish
Oddity: Attempting to state Gulliver's species makes the speaker say that is not, whether it's written or stated.

Critter Name/Species: Kane Pathos Crow/Golden Retriever
Current Location: With the Supervisors
Disposition: Mean
Oddity: Kane Pathos Crow can talk and claims to be a doctor. He's really smart too, and we found him in a suit and glasses.
Notes: He was really angry when we tried taking him into the Terrestrial Center. He didn't bite, but let's just say his bark was really hurtful. Lucky for us, Supervisor Aktus came by and was able to calm him down. It looks like they're going to be taking care of him from now on.

Critter Name/Species: Jake Brake/Orange Tabby Cat
Current Location: Terrestrial Center (Enclosure 5)
Disposition: Friendly
Oddity: Instead of hissing, Jake lets out a sound similar to the air brake of a semi-truck.

Critter Name/Species: Cole/Yellow-Fronted Canary
Current Location: Avian Center (Aviary Dome 1)
Disposition: Reserved
Oddity: Cole's internal temperature can reach upwards of 1000°F, and he seems no worse for wear!

Critter Name/Species: Bronson/House Cat
Current Location: Main Office
Disposition: Friendly
Oddity: Bronson is a polydactyl cat! He's got little thumbs on his front paws!
Notes: When we first got Bronson, the people who collected him didn't quite realize that some cats have thumbs, and thought he was a really weird crossbreed! The Supervisors checked him out and told us about polydactylism, but we all loved the little guy, so now he hangs out in our office!

Critter Name/Species:
Current Location:

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