Wydness Sandbox Hub

Hello I am Wydness, welcome to my very cool sandbox hub. My special boy Djkaktus let me have a page here so I could write my SCP fanfictions among the gods. I mostly write dumb stuff so don't come here searching for the next big SCP lore tale. Feel free to take a look at whatever I'm currently writing.

Number Link Summary Status
1 Draft Page 1 Anomalous sour cream Complete
2 Draft Page 2 It's a 3199 x 3199 fanfic Active
3 Draft Page 3 Gourmet's creepy debut Active
4 Draft Page 4 Dr Gears's massive penis 001 Active
5 Draft Page 5 035 becomes the CEO of McDonald's Active
6 Draft Page 6 NSFW Dr. Wondertainment stuff hahaha Active
7 Draft Page 7 049 vs 049-J (gone wrong) Active
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