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4/4723 LEVEL 4/4723



Item #: SCP-4723

Object Class: Neutralized



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4723 was cremated on July 17th, 2019. Their remains are stored in Byproduct Storage Vault 04 at Site-20.

Description: SCP-4723 was an albino human female 1.4 meters in height and weighing 55.2 kg. SCP-4723 intermittently secreted a mucous substance (designated SCP-4723-1) capable of causing minute necrosis when applied to organic tissue. This substance


To whoever receives this draft,
there is one core concept in this that I want to carry throughout it, a creator being angered at his work. In this scenario, it is the anomaly's father upset at his failed experiment AKA his daughter. The idea was that her father was preparing to sell her as she didn't meet his expectations. I hope this is enough to help understand where I was going with this without forcing a way to reveal/ show such things happening.
Good luck.

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