Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5555 is currently contained within the SCP-5555 file, which is located in an airgapped server

Description: SCP-5555 is an anomalous phenomenon constricted to the SCP-5555 file in the SCiPnet Database. SCP-5555 results in a number of pop-up advertisements for various products and services manifesting in the reader's window, despite this being theoretically impossible on a Foundation-designed and manufactured system. Said pop-ups are in extremely poor, grammatically incorrect English and advertise a variety of goods and services offered by the person or persons self-identifying as "dado".

Discovery: SCP-5555 first occurred on January 13th, 2019, on the workstation of Foundation Group of Interest Specialist Jay Everwood. Specialist Everwood had begun attempting to compile a central file for the person or persons known as "dado", believing that their involvement in a wide variety of anomalous objects and phenomena warranted a dedicated file. Everwood reported post-incident that she had

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