Special Containment Procedures: The primary means of containment is the House-Nicolas Theoplanar Vacuum Unit, located in the capstone of Site-616 (publicly known as the Luxor Las Vegas). The unit was designed in order to prevent another Collapse Incident. This is achieved by siphoning Tartarean Resonance Energy1, and using it to anchor both itself and Site-616 to the current theological plane of reality.

The Theoplanar Vacuum Unit ejects waste every day at sundown. The Unit converts the excess TRE to Alpha radiation and releases it in a narrow, concentrated beam of light. The beam has been measured at 42.3 billion candelas, and necessitates the interior of the Planar Vacuum Unit be lined with heat-absorbent plating.

Description: SCP-4661 is a region of space wherein the city of Las Vegas and the Fourth Circle of Hell (as reported in Dante Alighieri's Inferno) overlap. This results in the weakening of, and in certain circumstances, complete separation from baseline reality. SCP-4661 contains an extremely high density of demonic entities, and is sustained by the Tartarean Resonance Energy they produce. SCP-4661 is in constant flux, and, if uncontained, will fully collapse into the Fourth Circle.


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