Zhange's Realm of Light

SCP-QQ: Break the World

(Memetic kill agent warning. O5 access granted.)

Item #: SCP-QQ

Object Class: Keter Apollyon

Former Special Containment Procedures (02/05/1999): There is no feasible way to prevent the performance of SCP-QQ-1 and the subsequent occurrence of Event-QQ 'Shattered Mirror'. The landscape within SCP-QQ-2 is to be monitored for any aberrant iterations as a result of SCP-QQ-1, and the area is to be isolated under cover story WLS-48 'Nuclear Waste Disposal Site.' Efforts to negotiate and dissuade Groups of Interest involved in the activation of Event-QQ 'Shattered Mirror' are ongoing.

Revised Special Containment Procedures (13/01/2019):

Description: SCP-QQ-1 is a ritual that exchanges a set geographical region in [country] (SCP-QQ-2) with an instance of equal area from an alternate reality, an occurrence designated as a QQ 'Shattered Mirror' event.

A ritual that switches a set area on Earth with that from an alternate reality, resulting in many strange, whimsical and sometimes hellish alien landscapes (photomanipulations for stronger imagery). With each iteration, the performers draw closer to their target, and thus the landscapes are more alien and display more of the entity's influence.

The COTBG learnt from ancient scriptures that the 'end location' holds the Right Hand of Mekhane, a crucial and powerful fragment of their god. The Foundation obtained this information from a raid on a COTBG sect while they were performing the ritual, and then the knowledge was leaked to other GOI as well.

(GOI format) COTBG scriptures about the anomaly.
(Interview log) Alternatively, interrogation of a captured COTBG member who explains it.

Addendum: (Test log/incident log?) Samples of SCP-QQ-2 iterations resulting from 'Shattered Mirror' Events.

Iteration # Date Description
SCP-QQ-2-14 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-32 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-66 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-91 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-118 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-129 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-137 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-142 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-151 cell-content cell-content
SCP-QQ-2-160 cell-content SEE LATER ADDENDUM

(Exploration log) MTF team goes into the anomaly and encounters hostile GOI factions. Foundation establishes the presence of multiple enemy factions in the area.

The Chaos Insurgency wants to weaponise it, MC&D wants to sell it, and the Global Occult Coalition was eventually called in to help the Foundation contain it, but in reality they want it destroyed.

Addendum: Recovered GOI formats showing each of the groups' perspectives, plans and motivations.
(CI format)

(MC&D format)

(Report) The Foundation and the GOC's meeting and subsequent agreement to cooperate against the other factions who want to obtain the anomaly.

These groups are all trying to access the 'end location' that the ritual was supposed to reach, with different agenda. However, the Right Hand of Mekhane is merely a misinformation attempt. A powerful reality bender was sealed away in the end location millennia ago, but left records of itself that became gradually misinterpreted and distorted throughout history. No one knows where in the multiverse it is, including itself- it waits for someone to use the designed ritual to open a passage for its return. While drawing close to the end location, the Foundation is informed by a an ancient Earth-based sect of the Serpent's Hand of the truth behind the anomaly (the other groups want the anomaly, so they are unwilling to heed the warning).

(Interview log) The individual is taken into a Foundation site near the anomaly and warns them with great urgency. However, disaster strikes before the interview can be completed.

The Foundation is too late to stop it, as enemy agents have already opened the passage to the final iteration and unleashed the entity into Earth.

(Incident log) Initial description of the entity emerging and destroying personnel and structures in its vicinity.

(Incident log) Entity reaches the nearest large-scale Thaumiel Foundation structure and obliterates it.

What's worse is that it learned of the locations of various powerful Thaumiel SCPs (and the equivalent for other GOI) around the world, and begins on a journey to destroy them all. The anomaly is then reclassified to Apollyon. With their secret weapons laid bare and the fate of the world at stake, the various groups agree to collaborate in repelling the entity despite their conflicting agenda.

(Event log) The meeting between multiple GOI leaders. Disagreements and hostilities arise but in the end, they grudgingly agree to work together.

The allied groups of Earth throw everything in their power at it to no avail.

(Proposal to O5 Council) The project director asks to use experimental technology- Scranton Reality Cannon prototypes as SRA's are the only weapons to slow the entity so far, and Antimemetic Agents to conceal the massive destruction caused by the war in advance and prevent public intervention, without resorting to amnestics afterwards.

(Action log) COTBG clockwork army with giant mecha, clockwork swarms, reality bender AIs, etc. Maybe Bumaro, Trunnion and Hedwig get some action. COTBG site containing important Mehkanite artifacts suffer heavy damage after defeat.

(Action log) Battles fought between the entity and other groups not mentioned yet- CI, MC&D, Sarkics, and perhaps even Oneiroi (if the entity kills a person whose mind hosts a major part of Oneiroi? Unlikely to add at this point)

(Action log) Foundation, GOC and UIU task forces armed with advanced weaponry, reality anchoring technology and small-scale Thaumiel SCPs (in the case of SCPF). Unable to prevent the entity's advance.

When the entity looms over SCP-2000 and all hope seems lost, the Serpent's Hand sect reemerges, claiming to have finally found a way to defeat the entity in the Wanderer's Library. This might involve the Foundation utilising anomalies in their containment (682 as it's invulnerable to reality warping?). Using this information, the groups eventually defeat and kill the entity.

(Action log) FINAL BATTLE

As the crisis is over, the alliance is dissolved.

(After action report) Summary of the damage, actions taken, records of assistance from other groups, recovery and reconstruction of destroyed anomalies and sites.

Afterwards, some sort of pact can be formed between the more agreeable factions to reduce the chances of this occurring again.

(Document of the pact) Signed by the O5 Council, D.C. Al Fine, Bumaro and other leaders.

(End O5 section)

Revised SCP file listing the anomaly as Keter and then Neutralised. Containment procedures consist of isolating and monitoring the affected region. The file itself is expunged of information regarding the massive destruction that the entity caused, as well as of the multi-GOI alliance. Instead, it lists only the GOC as the Foundation's ally in the battle against the entity, which is described as a simple reality bender.

(In reality, this entity was devised by L.S. of the Serpent's Hand, who found the entity and decided to use it to weaken enemy groups. As the SH is not primarily Earth-based, they will be largely unaffected. However, their plan was foiled by a unit that decided to rebel when they learnt of the plan as they did not want the world destroyed.)

Item #: SCP-QQ

Object Class: Keter Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-QQ-2 has been cleared of all anomalously-generated structures and vegetation. The area is to be monitored for possible re-continuation of anomalous activity.

Description: SCP-QQ-1 is a ritual that exchanges a set geographical region in [country] (designated SCP-QQ-2) with an instance of equal area from an alternate reality.

The Veil is broken for good due to the massive destruction the war caused and the irreversible effects of the entity upon the reality of Earth. The file ends with a letter from O5-1.

(Letter) O5-1's message on the current situation- all involved groups have suffered heavy casualties, including the Foundation which lost numerous sites and Thaumiel-class objects. The anomalous world is exposed to the public and weakened against any upcoming threats. The future is uncertain.

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